Ogden Amphitheater Information

Ogden Amphitheater

The Ogden Amp is an incredible outdoor venue built with modern tech and ideas to offer the best possible sound systems for guests. It is currently owned and maintained by Ogden City Corporation and managed through the Division of Arts, Culture, & Events through the department of Community and Economic Development. As you can guess, this means that the venue is built by the community and focuses on supporting its community, which makes it a beloved location across the state.

But what makes it special?

Obviously, the difference between a good venue and a great one is all about the vibe and amenities. And reviews from past guests and customers tell an inspiring tale.

Many reviewers mention bringing their families to the venue and having a great time. Whether the show was packed or not, they were happy with the friendly staff, the comfortable and welcome vibe, and the energy that seems to radiate from the typical Ogden Amp crowds. They also talk about how fun and pretty the venue is, which makes it an eye catching and memorable experience for all.

Other reviews mention that while Ogden Amp isn’t the largest outdoor venue they’ve seen, it’s got a great location that’s close to a variety of dining and sightseeing options with plenty of parking solutions. Security and staff is noted as being attentive, friendly, and efficient. And everyone there makes safety and comfort their top priority.

Audience / Vendor Spaces

One of the main features of the venue is its audience, performance, and vendor spaces. Starting with the stage, it’s a 3,000 square foot area that is high enough to be seen by all. Then, right n front of the stage is a reserved seating area with 273 fixed seats and plenty of space for standing room only events. Behind this section is a massive lawn space area with room for about 7,300 guests for most standing-room only events. Sometimes this space is used for temporary bleachers when the performer of the day requires it for their show, festival , or event.

Obviously, with thousands of guests at the larger shows, there is a need for food and Ogden Amphitheater doesn’t skimp out on that. Because their vendor/exhibitor space has room for 34 slots under the pergola, where vendors can have 12 x 15 ft areas to cook food, offer drinks, as well as merchandise. And to make sure that vendors have the best spaces for their needs, the city offers walkthroughs to potential renters.

Other Amenities

But what else is at Ogden Amphitheater? The venue has plenty of exciting amenities that keeps it a place of interest, even in the hours before or after a show. These include:

Municipal Gardens (gardens and grassy area outside of the Amphitheater arena) is available for use in conjunction with the Amphitheater. This space is first-come, first-served and is not a rentable space.

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